Chiller Theatre Model Kit Contest Rules

Each convention the Model Kit Contest attracts fans and entries. A panel of judges, including pros, are used.

There are NO exceptions to the rules!

  • Entries are accepted between 6pm - 8:00pm on Friday and 9am - 2:30pm on Saturday.

  • The Entry Fee is $5.00 each for the first TWO kits. Additional kits entered are free. (There is NO entrance fee for the youth category or the art contest.)

  • Any Model entered must be built and painted by the modeler entering the contest.

  • If you write for any hobby publication, sculpt for hire or produce kits, offer a build up service or paint for pay, you MUST enter in the Professional Category.

  • No Self-Promotion! The judges should never know who did what model/art work. This means no business cards, no personal names on the base or on any accompaning writeup placed next to the model entry.

  • DO NOT TOUCH any other entries....ask for assistance.

  • NO electricity will be provided for any kit entered. The modeler MUST provide their own power for any kit needing same and said kit MUST be approved by the contest coordinator to assure safety regulations are met.

  • Any model entered that has sound bytes/chips MUST be made known to the contest coordinator and directions to turn off MUST be shown to the contest staff.

  • Any violations of the rules set forth will result in a disqualification without refund of the entry fee.

  • The decision's of the judges are FINAL....any protest must be made in writing to a contest official within 1 hour of the award presentation. All contest winners & kits will be posted in the Chiller Theatre Magazine Resin Report as well as being posted on this Chiller Theatre Website. By entering, you agree to have your picture taken by Chiller Theatre staff and to have it published.

Disclaimer: The sponsors of this model contest are not responsible for any kit lost, stolen, or damaged during the course of the contest. Model & Art pick up time will be AFTER the awards ceremony, no exceptions. Pick up time will begin approximately at 5:30 - 6:15 Saturday. Anyone who loses their claim check MUST wait until the last of the entries are removed from the room and show proper identification before being allowed to take their kit.

Anyone disqualified by the contest coordinator for any reason may be prohibited from entering any future contest at this event.