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Johnny Ramone

April 28-30, 2017
Sheraton Parsippany
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Tim Curry

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In Memoriam
It is with a heavy heart that we report
John Zacherle died on Oct 27th, 2016,
at the age of 98.

John Zacherle

The CHILLER staff would like to take this
time to offer our sincerest condolences to
his family.

To say that he was an icon is a bit of an
understatement. This man, this wonderful
man, was a force of nature who
lived it up with fans well into his 90s.

There will never be another like him and
we were lucky to have him haunting us for
as long as we did.

He will be dearly missed by all!

- Kevin


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- Folks share links of their CHILLER Experience! - (11/30)

- Kevin reflects on the passing of Zacherley. - (11/02)

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