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& Application

Payment for following show's tables MUST be paid in FULL at Previous Show to reserve the same spot.

Price for tables: $400.00

Do NOT send any money in unless told to do so by the Staff!

Tables are available on a first come, first served basis. No Exceptions.

Electricity is available on request made PRIOR to the show for an additional fee of $50.00 which you can include with your table payment. Please add a reminder in the check memo.

Wall space tables are very limited and must be reserved. If you do not pay for this is in advance we will not reserve it.

Set up is no earlier than 11AM in the ballrooms the Friday of the show, No Exceptions. If you have a large display for the show and need extra time to set up you MUST contact us before time.

All vendors are required to have a NJ State Department of Taxation ID to set up and sell at the show. NJ law requires a 7% sales tax on all applicable items sold. THIS CAN BE DONE ON LINE and the form for a Tax Certificate (Form NJ-REG) can be found HERE.

New Jersey Tax Authority agents will be at the Show in full force.

Dealers are required to check in with the vendor room manager prior to setting up.

Dealers are purchasing table space that is 6 feet in length by 2 and a half feet wide to sell from.

2 vendors passes per table. Additional passes can be purchased for $25.00 each. Limit 2 additional per vendor.

Dealers are responsible for the actions of their helpers and will be held accountable.

All vendors agree that their tables will be open and operational during all of the hours the event is open to the public.

Vendors may not "sublet" their space to other companies or persons.

Only in the event of a natural disaster or cancellation of the event by the event coordinators will refunds be given. Once payment has been received, there will be NO REFUNDS on the agreed space.

No graphic nudity, alcoholic beverages, drug paraphernalia, weapons of any kind, permitted on tables. Any vendor found doing so will be immediately removed from the show, banned from future events, and subject to prosecution by the Morris County and Parsippany Township Police Authorities.

All vendors are responsible for the products they sell. If anyone is caught selling unlicensed, copy written material (IE: bootleg DVD/CD/VHS tapes etc) and representatives of the license holders/ Studios/ MPAA request, you WILL be evicted from the show and held accountable to them. The show will not be held responsible.

Table sharing is NOT allowed unless permitted by show promoter and dealers room manager. Must be notified 2 months in advance of the show.

Vendors may not distribute literature promoting other genre events without the pre-written consent of Chiller Theatre Inc. We often allow this to occur if the event you wish to promote is not directly competitive to existing or planned Chiller Theatre events. Distribution of promotional flyers for competing genre conventions without permission will result in your space being closed without refund.

Vendors agree to hold harmless Chiller Theatre Inc and any of its staff from loss or damage of merchandise or injury sustained during attendance at its events. Dealers rooms are watched by security or locked by the facilities during non-show hours. Chiller Theatre Inc, It's staff and the Sheraton Hotel takes no responsibility for items lost or stolen during these hours: it is up to vendors to carry insurance for their goods.

Smoking is permitted outside the building ONLY.

Do not block doors, aisles or emergency exits. Do not remove or reposition tables, furniture or equipment.

Open Flames, helium balloons, and adhesive backed decals, glitter, or confetti will not be permitted. Do not use pins, tacks, or glue on tables, linens, drapery, or walls at any time as repair costs will be incurred by the damage causing participant.

Please keep your area neat and clean. Kindly bring along a trash bag to collect your garbage and food leftovers. Your help in keeping the facility clean allows us to come back next time.

**Any violation of the rules will result in being removed from the show with no refund and banned from future Chiller Theatre shows.

Chiller Theatre has a lawyer on hand at the show during every event, in case of any discrepancy with vendors, guests and patrons. If you wish to dispute any of the rules set forth, please feel free to contact us and our lawyer will elaborate.

Having read the above rules, do you:

accept    decline