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During 1988, Zacherle made an appearance on fellow horror hostess, "Stella's", Philadelphia show. The horrible pair teamed up to emcee a double feature. The same year saw the publication of Gordon Guy's biography ZACHERLE!, which is still available from the publisher. Zach also gave two live appearances at Dowling College in Long Island. Both shows were taped by promoter/film historian Jim Knusch and an entertaining video of the event was released.

During 1989, Zach was involved in another pilot called Z-TV. This one had an interesting premise and the benefit of great effects and an eerie set. Zach inherits an old movie theater. The projection room where Zach lives came complete with a fully appointed vintage laboratory. Isabol and Gasport are on hand and so is Dok, a dragon-like creature and Wendy, a beautiful alien. The producers, Rich Schiaffo and Jeff Bianchi are still attempting to find a spot for this show on cable TV.

More recently, Zach was involved in an anniversary reunion of the Disco Teen cast and crew. The event, held "At the Hop" in Clifton, N.Y., was taped and became an entertaining part of the basic Zacherle Video Library.

The Nineties - Filmland
During the early 1990's Zacherle got involved in two Frank Hennenlotter films. The first was Brain Damage, which utilized Zach's voice for the alien, Elmer. Zach then portrayed a weatherman in the satire, Frankenhooker.

He's The Most Chiller, Happenin' Host
During 1990, Zach signed on with Chiller Productions to host their twice yearly conventions. Promoter Kevin Clement, a long time Zacherle fan, wanted to make certain that Zach would always have access to his public and vice versa. These conventions, which are held in New Jersey, have been very successful events and Zach has entertained his legion of fans energetically in a variety of ways.

Fans can expect anything from live musical performances to screenings of vintage Shock Theatre programs. Zacherle has an open invitation to appear at the Chiller Theatre Expos each season and hasn't missed one yet.

One of Zach's collaborators at the Chiller Theatre Expos is Mike Gilks, a Long Island musician, whose goal is to produce a hit compact disc of Zacherle's music. Gilks has thus far released two novelty cassettes with each featuring two songs. It is hope that we'll see a full compact disc album in the very near future.

Today . . .
Besides recording, television, and live appearances, Zach appears on radio station WXRK where he occupies the Saturday morning slot with a nostalgic 1960's revival program. The station, K-Rock, is noted for being one of the highest rated in the New York area and includes among its on-air personalities several very popular disc jockeys.

There have also been several recent Zacherle collectibles, including two model kits, T-shirts, and a poster. Rumor has it that there will be a set of Zacherle trading cards soon.

After All The Years . . .
So, what does the future hold for John Zacherle? Anything's possible, but his fans keep hoping to see him back on television hosting horror films and doing what he does best. One thing seems certain, Zach (still energetic and talented in his early 80s) will probably never really retire.

So, Zach,
Goodnight . . .

Whatever You Are!!

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