Little known Zacherle CHILLER facts...

  • The original Chiller Theatre convention was first held in an old movie theater in Rutherford, N.J.

  • In the basement of the the old theatre was a modern movie theatre.

  • Zacherle gave his first Chiller Theatre appearance telling stories and answering questions.

  • We thought they had lighting down there, but they didn't! A mechanic friend of ours ran to his work truck and found an electricians light on a 40 foot cord. This was the only lighting available... a 75 watt light bulb.

  • As Zach stood in front of the packed 700 seat movie theatre, in the dark depths of the front of the stage, he ad libbed and turned the light into a working prop and started his magic! Under the low eerie light, in an otherwise totally dark movie house, Zach gave one of his funniest and best seminars ever!

  • Zacherle the Cool Ghoul sang live on the first night of the convention, backed up by 60's garage band, The Creeping Pumpkins!


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