Little known Jonathan Harris CHILLER facts...

  • Jonathan Harris was a guest at the first convention put on by Kevin Clement called Horror-thon, which took place in 1990. The convention was attended by over five thousand patrons. Not bad for a first show!

  • Jonathan made his return to what became Chiller in October 1998. The October 1998 show was held at the Hilton and would be the final Chiller held there. At the show, Jonathan celebrated his 85th birthday and was greeted with a birthday cake provided by Kevin Clement and Ray Dutczak.

  • In May 1999 a new hotel, The Sheraton, in Rutherford, would now house the Chiller show. Jonathan would attend that one also.

  • April 2000 Jonathan would once more make a Chiller appearance. Always the fan favorite and one of the most requested Chiller guests.
    Ray Dutczak and Jonathan
  • 2001 was a very special year for Jonathan as he attended both the April and October convention. The October convention would be a very special appearance for Jonathan as Kevin Clement, with the help of Ray Dutczak, reunited for the first time at Chiller, all of the Lost In Space cast members. Attendance numbers were broken and October 2001 stands as the best attended Chiller to this day.

  • October 2002 Jonathan is once again invited to attend Chiller as part of Chiller's salute to the Fantasy Worlds Of Irwin Allen. Jonathan accepts the invitation but is unable to attend due to illness. Jonathan would pass away on November 4th 2002 due to a blood clot in his leg.

  • "Jonathan was a true friend and a fan favorite at my show. Of all the guests that have attended Chiller in the last 13 years, I would have to say Jonathan was one of my favorites! I truly miss him." - Kevin Clement.


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