Little known Frank Gorshin CHILLER facts...

  • John Astin came in to replace Frank Gorshin as the Riddler due to what was rumored as a dispute between the producers and Gorshin about money. The producers held fast and Gorshin was replaced.

  • Due to the dismal response of John's Riddler, the producers convinced Frank Gorshin to come back for one more time.

  • "When I was first approached to play the Riddler, I thought it was a joke. Then, I discovered the show had a good script and agreed to do the role, but only on a show to show basis. Now I am in love with the character. I developed the Riddlers fiendish laugh at Hollywood parties. I listened to myself laugh and discovered that the funniest jokes brought out the high pitched giggle I use on the show. With further study I came to realize that it wasn't so much how I laughed as what I laughed at that created a sense of menace"

  • The only member of the cast ever to receive an Emmy nomination for his performance of the Riddler.

  • "I do not do hundreds of impressions. My entire repertoire of impressions numbers less than 50. I never set out to do an impression of a person. However, when something a star does suddenly sparks my imagination, I find myself doing an impression of him -- first for my amusement, later for my repertoire."

  • Anyone remember 'The Black Scorpion'? Craig Nevius remarked, " I wrote Clockwise especially for Frank. His timing as an actor (and a comedian) is so perfect, so precise. That’s why I made Clockwise a villain of precision timing. As embodied by Frank, every line of dialogue and every movement has the clarity of a clock. It was a perfect fit of an actor and a role.”


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