Little known CHILLER facts...

  • The original Chiller Theatre convention was first held in a old movie theater in Rutherford, N.J.

  • It was a 2 day show.

  • It was originally called Horror-thon '90.
    The 2nd show was Son of Horror-thon.
    The 3rd show was called Horror-thon '91.

  • The first five guests ever to appear at the convention were:
    Zacherle, the Cool Ghoul,
    Jonathan Harris (Dr. Smith from Lost In Space)
    Dyanne Thorne ( star of the Ilsa, She-Wolf film series)
    Bob Martin ( Original editor of Fangoria magazine )
    Ox Baker ( Escape From New York / Pro Wrestler )

  • Ox Baker's voice was so loud and booming that he made announcements that could be heard throughout the theatre without a microphone.

  • Staffers worried that the October 2001 expo attendance would suffer greatly after 9/11, when in fact the attendance record broke all previous shows! If that didn't show America's resolve...

  • Over 150 Policemen, Firemen and Ambulance personnel were freely admitted to the October 2001 show as a sign of eternal gratitude!


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