Little known Tor Johnson facts...

  • Tor's stage name in professional wrestling was the Super Swedish Angel!

  • Tor often made guest appearances in many popular TV series, including 'Bonanza'!

  • Tor's life was essayed in Tim Burton's brilliant film Ed Wood (1994), by another popular professional wrestler, George "The Animal" Steele.

  • Tor Johnson's son, Karl, was once a policeman in San Fernando, California; in addition, he appeared in a few of his father's movies, such as The Unearthly, Plan Nine from Outer Space, and Orgy of the Dead. Karl Johnson passed away in 1993.

  • Due to his sheer bulk, Johnson had the unfortunate tendency of shattering toilet seats when he sat on them, which explains his habit of stealing toilet seats from the hotel rooms he stayed in!

  • He drank copious amounts of beer (usually a case at a time), and dessert for Tor often included gallons of ice cream.

  • The scar worn by Tor in 'Plan 9...' had to be moved every day, as it caused severe skin irritation.

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