Caption Contest Results!

This must be the 7:05 out of Newark-Penn Station. - Chris

We thought the above was the funniest, but honorable mention goes to...

  • Looks like I picked the wrong day to give up drinking. - Plifbag

  • Pardon me, sir... I was wondering if you knew where I could find Little Miss Muffet. - Griz

  • You know, the Spider Train Ride at the Children’s Zoo doesn’t attract the crowds it used too! - JR

  • Wow... What did they put in this drink? - Debbie

  • Now I know where I am. Judging by the size of that spider, I must be pretty close to the Oyster Creek nuclear power plant. - Stewart

  • You don't look like Bert Gordon. - Duane

  • Everyday the train is always on time, today of all days it's running late... damn it! - Artie

  • My Financial Planner suggested getting into a SPDR, but this is ridiculous. - Talos4

  • This 20 ounce can of four loco really packs a punch. Would you look at that loco motive. - km

  • The 11:00 am tarantula was running a little late today. - rb

  • We’re gonna need a bigger can of Raid! - Michael

  • I think I picked the wrong day to stop drinking. - Mike

  • As I was drinking one morning for pleasure. I spied a big spider all covered with fuzz. It's jaws was a drippin'. and my legs was a tinglin' and... I don't think I can remember the next line. - larry

  • Karma. - Stew

  • The tarantula train... the new train in train transportation. - dr

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