Caption Contest Results!

Oh God, I hope that's a weather balloon. - ida

We thought the above was the funniest, but honorable mention goes to...

  • "Flight 45, this is the control tower. After you land, can you please describe what's staring at me? - Tony

  • Meet Unitedís new Greeter. - JR

  • And just like that, United faces another public relations nightmare of epic proportions. - Gelvis

  • QUICK...get over here! it's Gustavo Fring! - AD

  • Who put that huge dawn of the dead cutout outside my window? - km

  • "I wonder which United flight this guy got kicked off of. - Chris

  • Angered by reports of abuse of airline passengers by United flight crews, Ron, the world's tallest zombie, exacts vengeance at the local airport. - Stewart

  • I said Iíd keep an eye out for you. - StueyP

  • Miss, I couldn't help noticing your blouse was open, but this is the wrong kind of runway. - larry

  • Excuse me, ma'am, have you seen my contact len? - Kosmo

  • S-sir, Iím sorry we flew a plane into your face, b-but youíre really, really Big! - cm

  • Overbook me will ya? - Duane

  • Here's looking at you, kid! - jc

  • This is skull tower control. - David

We need a caption to go with this photo...