Caption Contest Results!

So both of you drank my Red Bull! - Steve

We thought the above was the funniest, but honorable mention goes to...

  • "Sorry fellas, Michael Keaton got Birdman and Barbarella was shot in1968." - JR

  • "Hawkmen! ...DIVE!" - Chris

  • No, I do not work for FTD. - Perl

  • "I guess it's true - Pigs can fly!" - jc

  • "What a waste of my time. I get all dressed up and end up hanging around with a couple of fairies." - Siberosis

  • You ever hear of what they call a rotisserie? - km

  • Yes, but my wings arenít as impressive as your pert nips... - AD

  • I heard the girls go crazy for a sharp dressed man. Gelvis

  • Lady Gaga chooses wardrope and backup dancers for next year's Super Bowl halftime show. - Dmin1

  • Lady, I don't think I look anything like a British king! And what is this 'The Black Adder' of which you speak? No, I am not this Brian whats-his-name either! Guard! Take this woman to the psycho ward! - Stewart

  • We got a great deal on these in the Icarus Estate Sale. - Kosmo

  • Perhaps you'd like to fly United? - larry

  • One look at this and Sidney Sheldon demanded a recast and rewrites of I DREAM OF JEANNIE. - Tony

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