Caption Contest Results!

Never trust a job listing that reads,
"Work Outdoors In A Quiet Neighborhood" - Chris

We thought the above was the funniest, but honorable mention goes to...

  • It's more of an Entertainment Pit. Once the flatscreen and couches are installed, it should be quite comfy. - Gelvis

  • Really?! this isn't Oak Island? - TALOS 4

  • Not dead yet .... just resting! - Dmin1

  • Grave danger? Is there any other kind? - Lehigh

  • Trust me... This whole Walking Dead thing will catch on! - JR

  • So help me, if you say ‘Well this is a grave situation’ one more time! - Plifbag

  • Are you sure this is how Gravedigger got started? I thought he went to one of those wrestling schools. - Stewart

  • We should have made that left turn at Albuquerque. - as

  • This grave robbing is for the birds! I told you Bela and Boris weren't buried with all that jewelry. - km

  • We've been double-crossed! - Kosmo

  • Work as Vincent Price and Ernest Borgnine stunt doubles appear to be a dead end. - Joe

  • Larry quickly realized what his attorneys were talking about when they said they had a “grave” matter to discuss. - Bob

  • It says ‘Rolling Stones Steel Wheel Tour 1989’. Hey Johnny, what’s a Rolling Stone? - rosemarie

  • Hey room in there for my career? - Griz

  • I hate it when the Chillerfest hotel sells out so quickly. - larry

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